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 The FAQs - Read Before Posting!

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The FAQs - Read Before Posting! Empty
PostSubject: The FAQs - Read Before Posting!   The FAQs - Read Before Posting! Icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 6:34 am

Here is some frequently asked questions.
If your question is not answered here, post a topic in this forum with an appropriate Subject title and we will answer you within 12 hours.

Q: How do I teleport to a spawn point on the map?
A: To teleport, Press 'y' or 'u' to open chat, and type in !ztele - This will teleport you to one of the maps spawn points.

Q: How do I respawn once I have been killed?
A: To respawn, Press 'y' or 'u' to open chat, and type in !zspawn - This will respawn you as a zombie.

Q: How do I lift objects like machines, couches and bookcases?
A: This takes some practice. You stand on the object, at the back end of it, look down at the object and jump and then once in mid-air press and hold E until the object is lifted. This is very important in cade making.

Q: How do I know who is an admin?
A: Admins will be tagged like this - « MTS » - Clan Members will be tagged like this [MTS].

Q: How can I become an admin?
A: Read our 'Admin Opportunity' Thread. This will tell you how to become one.

Q: What is the server IP?
A: Read the 'Server Information' thread, this will tell you everything about our server!

Q: 'Admin, can I kill you?'
A: Don't treat admins any differently in-game. Kill them, shoot them, just don't abuse them!

Q: How can I vote for a new map?
A: Press 'y' or 'u' and type !votemap - This might not work at the moment, if not just ask an admin!

Q: If there arn't any admins online, how can we kick an annoying player?
A: If you type !votekick and choose the player, once there is a majority he shall be kicked.
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The FAQs - Read Before Posting!
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