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 Server and Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Server and Forum Rules   Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:13 pm

Rules that if broken, can lead to kicking and even banning.

1. Respect all players on the forum and ingame.
2. Do not beg for admin, this will only decrease your chances.
3. No racism, end of!
4. Admins can have a joke, but do not push the boundaries so respect the rules and their decisions!
5. No bullying of any other players, the game is designed for people's enjoyment.
6. We at MTS love banter, so please stay cheerful and no moaning!
7. No Blocking, Cade Breaking, Mic Spamming, Radio Spamming, or chat spamming. These can lead to kicks and bans.
8. Nude sprays are acceptable, infact they are cherished.

If anybody has any problems with these rules contact one of the many admins for support....

P.S Admins; Edit these rules at any time and add to them please!
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Server and Forum Rules
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