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 How to apply for a Clan Tag!

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PostSubject: How to apply for a Clan Tag!   Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:45 pm

If you wish to become part of our Clan and Community, simply create a new thread in the correct category and fill it with the following information.

1. In-Game Name
2. Steam Name
3. Your Steam ID (Join our server, open your Console [¬], and type in status. After your name it will state your Steam ID)
4. Age
5. How long you Have played in our servers
6. Any extra information as to why we should acept you.

Please do not simply register on the forums, post a new thread and expect to be accepted. Stay active on both the forums and the server. Staying active on the forums isn't hard, just post one reply a day!

Thanks you for your time.
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How to apply for a Clan Tag!
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